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Who We Are

Based in Annapolis, Maryland, HASI (NYSE: HASI) is a leading climate positive investment firm that actively partners with clients to deploy real assets that facilitate the energy transition. With more than $10 billion in managed assets, our vision is that every investment improves our climate future.

Deep Experience and Strong Partnerships

Our management team has deep industry knowledge and experience, dating back more than 35 years. We have long-standing relationships with the leading energy service companies (ESCOs), manufacturers, project developers, utilities, owners, and operators. By developing flexible capital solutions to solve our clients’ problems, we generate recurring, programmatic investment opportunities.

Compelling Value Proposition for Investors

Programmatic Growth

Robust >$5b pipeline driven by diverse set of >40 programmatic and prospective clients – many active in multiple asset classes

Diversified High-Quality Portfolio

>350 investments across ~8 asset classes

Durable Capital Structure

Credit rating of Baa3 / BB+ / BB+ (Moody’s / S&P / Fitch) and 87% fixed rate debt

Proven Track Record

99% of investments performing within expectations

Industry-Leading ESG

Leading investor in climate solutions with proprietary tools to evaluate portfolio carbon and water reduction impact

Carbon Emissions Reductions1

CarbonCount® 0.4 (FY22)
6.6m Cumulative Metric Tons of CO2 Avoided Annually

Water Savings2

WaterCountTM 1,180 (FY22)
6.2b Cumulative Gallons of Water Saved Annually
As of December 31, 2022 • FY22 HASI Earnings Presentation

1) CarbonCount® is a scoring tool that evaluates investments in U.S.-based energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to estimate the expected CO2 emission reduction per $1,000 of investment
2) WaterCountTM is a scoring tool that evaluates investments in U.S.-based projects to estimate the expected water consumption reduction per $1,000 of investment

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Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital, Inc.
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Annapolis, MD 21401

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AST Financial
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